Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Vote Was Easy

Despite a massive line of people waiting for the polls to open this morning, when I went to vote just now I discovered... no line whatsoever. What a letdown! I wanted to do some sacrificing like hard struggling adherents to the cause of freedom the world over have done, just to get to the polling place, let alone cast their vote. But no, everything had to go quickly and smoothly.

After accepting my offering in Halloween chocolate (stolen from my son, I might add) the friendly poll-workers ushered me to my individualized voting booth, and afterward counted my vote extra-specially well before bidding me farewell.

Democracy is great, and kudos to the people that humbly and with no applause watch over our freedoms at the ground level... your friendly neighborhood poll-workers.

If you haven't done it yet... go! Now!

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