Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thanks For A Great #code2009

It has been an amazing year for both personal and professional code development.

Starting with the inspiration to begin Project Flying Robot, to the prestige of presenting at LARubyConf, FutureRuby, TWTRCON, IgniteLA, 140 The Twitter Conference, RubyConf, and Conferencia Rails, and lastly the year-end fun of starting out the ongoing #code2009 Twitter meme, so popular that it spawned a couple of mashups and got picked up by Hacker News and uber-language blog Lambda the Ultimate.

In between were numerous meetups, hackfests, code jams, code dojos, pull requests, and casual codeslinging with friends. And the Maker Faire!

To everyone who welcomed me, listened to me, helped me, or taught me something, I am indeed grateful. Thank you. Let's do this 2010 thing right!