Monday, April 16, 2007

Silverlight and Ruby?

Today, Microsoft announced their Silverlight technology platform. I will not bore you, kind reader, with yet another recap of what has already been written by so many others already.

However, there are a couple of curious details that have piqued my interest. John Lam, of RubyCLR fame, made an interesting comment on his blog earlier today about Silverlight:

This was a major reason why I moved my family to the other side of the continent...

Even more interesting, is a bit from Chinese news site CSDN, which is poorly translated here:

6, in addition, Silverlight designers and developers to provide a large number of development tools and development support. 对设计者来说,Expression Design和Expression Blend软件可以创建可重用界面,Expression Web使得在符合W3C标准的网站开发中可以使用XHTML、XML、XSLT、CSS以及ASP.NET等工具。To the designers, Expression and Expression Blend Design software can be re-established use interface Expression Web made in the development of the website with W3C standards can be used XHTML. XML, XSLT, CSS and ASP.NET tools. 对开发者来说,基于Visual Studio的Web开发支持包括ASP.NET AJAX在内的技术,并支持JavaScript,C#,VB,Ruby以及Python等多种开发语言。For developers, Visual Studio's Web-based support, including the technical AJAX ASP.NET and support JavaScript, C #, VB, Ruby and Python and other development languages.

So what is up? Is Ruby the programming language for Silverlight? Or at least one programming language option? Will dynamic languages take over the new desktop?

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