Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My New MacBook Pro Rocks For Rails Development

The last week or so I have been very busy playing with and setting up my new MacBook Pro. This is, in fact, my first post from it. After spending some time with it, I have to say that I am still extremely pleased! I have my Ruby on Rails environment all setup and working spendidly. I have my primary dev toolset CocoaMySQL, Locomotive, TextMate, and SVNx and now everything is pretty dialed in. I was able to grab one of my rails projects from my SVN repository, and run it successfully, after tweaking a few file permissions.

Wow, this baby can cook! Not just the temp, but the performance is great. I installed Parallels and couple versions of Windows XP for testing. It seems funny to me, having XP in one window, bash in another, and a stylish OSX app in a third. I know I could have done more with virtual OS stuff before I had this Mac, but now it's just so fun and easy!

Anyhow, now that I have come back to the Mac side, I sure feel a whole lot better! I guess you really CAN have it all nowadays...

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