Saturday, February 24, 2007

RailsConf 2007 Is Sold Out

My dear friends, if you don't have your ticket for RailsConf 2007, you have missed the boat. All 1200 passes have now been sold out!

I suspect that most conferences have a short peak of sales right when the passes first go on sale, then sell the bulk of their registrations in the last few days before the start of the conference, if conferences are anything like concerts. Since most conference don't have the draw of a big musical headliner, conferences sell discounted registrations for a short period of time, to encourage early registrations and guarantee that the conference sells the minimum number of attendees to break-even. If this is true, and given that RailsConf 2007 is still 3 months away, this is pretty amazing. They never even got to the end of the discounted registration period before they sold out.

If you have your position secured, then see you at RailsConf on Beer. Otherwise, well, guess I won't see you unless you somehow get thru the waiting list.

This is going to be fun...

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