Monday, February 26, 2007

Even eWeek Is Falling For Ruby

Even that stanch old "enterprisey" publication eWeek has been giving some love to Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Today's most recent article is entitled "Ruby, Ruby, When Will You Be Mine?". Was this supposed to run on Valentine's Day? I'm definitely feeling the love in the title.

Anyhow, the author is all over the JRuby project. Messrs. Nutter et. al. have been building up the energy at the same time as the code base. Microsoft is notably receiving less coverage, no doubt due to providing no visibility as to what they are up to. I almost hate to give Sun props over Microsoft, after spending so many years arguing the opposite, but Sun is allowing the JRuby team to keep up the enthusiasm in the community. MS is giving the appearance of stagnation, even if they are just as active with development of Ruby.NET/RubyCLR/etc. For example, the Ruby.NET team is saying "This is a preliminary beta release. It is knowingly incomplete and contains many bugs. We therefore ask that you do not submit bug reports at this stage." Talk about the Wow...not. Meanwhile the JRuby team is involving the community in the entire dev process just like a real open source project does.

Based on the initial performance numbers from Antonio Cangiano, I'm probably not really looking at either one of those options for a production application any time soon. Can you say YARV?

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