Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Ada Lovelace Day 2010

Once again, it is Lady Ada Lovelace day, and time for me to celebrate some women software developers that I know personally. This year I want to call out four women that I have especially noticed their knowledge and dedication. In no particular order...

First, a big shout out to Sarah Mei (@sarahmei). Sarah is a founder of RailsBridge, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people learn about and make use of Ruby on Rails. She is also a conference speaker who has been going around hyping up the community about one of the subjects most near and dear to my heart: teaching kids programming.

Next, a special thanks to Sonia Ramirez, my colleague at our Los Angeles based software development consultancy The Hybrid Group. Sonia is a tireless and detail oriented software developer. She is always eager to learn, and brings a great sense of humor to all of her work with us.

Third, a special thanks to Andrea O.K. Wright. Andrea has been a very active member of the Ruby community, and has given a number of presentations, must recently an incredibly ambitious overview of NoSQL databases at RubyConf 2009.

And rounding out this small sampling of the XX chromosome-based programming talent, is a new acquaintance Sarah Allen (@ultrasaurus). Sarah is also involved with the RailsBridge project, and is a mobile software developer who has published several projects based on the Rhodes framework. She is also a conference speaker, and published the RubyConf mobile application that we all made use of at LARubyConf earlier this year.

These persons of the female gender are merely a small sampling of the awesomeness that exists within the Ruby community. They just happen to be ladies that I have either worked with, or benefited from their contributions directly.

Thank you all, and have a great Ada Lovelace Day. And get back to some coding!

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