Friday, January 23, 2009

Get A Grep On TextMate

I really wanted to be all cool and retro by going back to EMACS, but my usual workload has kept me from figuring out the right environment for my Mac. In the meantime, programming pal and fun blogger Daniel Fischer turned me on to just one more reason to stay lazy.

TextMate is really quite a cool editor. However, one problem that annoys, especially when working on larger projects, is TextMate's "Find In Project". If you've ever literally had your entire machine lock up while doing a search, you know the pain.

Why do such a crappy search, when grep is just waiting to serve you? You like the pretty colors and do not wish to leave TextMate? Lucky for us, a wonderful human being in Sweden named Henrik has created a bundle that replaces TextMate's madness for a nice quick clean grep.

You need to get this right now, if you are using TextMate. You will save a LOT of time and frustration.


Michael Fairchild said...

you might want to give ack in project a try. It works great and is blazingly fast. You can plase special config in .ackrc of yoru project root and it will get picked up as well. I use it constantly.

Ron Evans said...

I will check it out, thanks!