Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Great Git Migration

I have been using git for a while, not quite as long as the really cool kids, but long enough to have become a git snob. As such, having to work on existing projects that were using that nasty old subversion was just like, a drag, man.

I kept saying, "I'm going to migrate everything over to git." Somehow, I just never seemed to find the time. Another little problem was the underwhelming level of support for git on Windows. Yes, a couple of projects I am involved with have Windows code for client applications in there.

So when the msysgit project was announced, I followed it with great interest. The most recent versions are actually quite usable. I was able to install on a Vista VM (I use VMWare Fusion on OS X to keep the Windows thing to a minimum) and connect to several repositories on both github and Unfuddle with ease.

A couple of hours waiting on git-svn to import the old repositories (under OS X, cause mysysgit does not appear to support git-svn), and it was all git all the time. No more svn on any of the projects I am actively working on. And I was able to preserve the entire version history of each repo, too.

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