Saturday, March 01, 2008

Thanks For Paying Attention

This last week has brought some very nice and favorable attention to the Dead Programmer Society.

The ever-popular "I'd Rather be A Jazz Programmer" post popped up again, this time in the stodgy old school publication Computerworld. They ran an article on the "Rock Star Programmer" meme, and decided that my little post was part of the "Kill Rock Stars" contrarian perspective they were looking for. Thanks for making me look so good, guys!

Actually it really is pretty amazing to make an article that also mentions Linus Torvalds, Joel Spolsky, Paul Graham, Obie Fernandez, Zed Shaw, and "why the lucky" (sic). Hey, I told you Computerworld was stodgy. Sorry they mangled your handle, why!

On to more recent work. Ari Lerner and I have been getting some good attention to our introduction of the EC2 ProcessorPool gem. We managed to get covered in both Rails Envy and Ruby Inside this last week. Thank you to the editors for helping us let people know about this quite useful tool.

Anyhow, that is about enough self-congratulation for one post. Next time, back to our irregularly scheduled programming.

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