Friday, June 01, 2007

Power Rangers Should Test First

Last night, I got home a bit late. My 8 year old son was still up, watching the Power Rangers. "Sit down and watch with me, Dad," he said. "I'm surprised you still like the Power Rangers," I said, as I sat beside him on the sofa. "I mostly just like the vehicles," he told me.

The Power Rangers were in trouble in this episode. The bad guys had taken remote control of the Rangers' giant robots, and the Power Rangers were helpless without their usual firepower. The Smart Rangers, meaning the guy with the glasses and the Asian girl (WTF!!!), were constructing a jamming device to block the bad guy's signal, while the other Rangers got their behinds handed to them by their own robots.

"OK, that finishes it. Let's go!" exclaimed Glasses Ranger as he attached the last part to the jamming box. They rushed off to the scene of the battle. "I hope this works," said Glasses Ranger and pushed the button. Nothing happened. "Oh no, what could be wrong?!" cried out the Smart Rangers.

My son, who had been quietly watching all of this, suddenly spoke out. "They're stupid. They should have tested it first."


Jamie said...

Train your young padawan master Evans.

Unknown said...

cool i love poweranger