Monday, March 12, 2007

Aptana + RadRails = Much Web Development Goodness?

AptanaIt was a couple of weeks ago when the RadRails team acknowledged that the ship had started to wander off course. Without any revenues, and with too few project contributors, the project was looking adrift. Could this be the end?

Do not fear, gentle reader. Last week, the announcement came at EclipseCon that the RadRails project is now part of the Aptana project. Up until this announcement, I had never heard of Aptana. What is this, I said. AJAX IDE, JavaScript debugging, support for every major JS library from the now ubiquitous Prototype to my current personal favorite jQuery. Of course I had to immediately download and install it, and try out the RadRails integration.

Despite some initial hitches with the install that required a retry or two, and a weird error message when opening RHTML files, I think that I will spend some more time with it to really put it thru its paces. I like what a good IDE can give you, and so am willing to put up with a bit to see if Aptana can deliver what it promises. I will be posting here with my results...

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Marcin N said...

To be honest I really liked radrails + rdt, but when aptana grabbed it, and radrails is completely tight to aptana ide it's just no longer useful.

Hopefully aptana won't close the source of rdt, but the founder of RDT is now working in Aptana so it's quite possible.