Thursday, January 18, 2007

Optimus Mini Three is Prime

Time again for another incredibly cool looking device... the Optimus Mini Three Keyboard. The description on their site says "Optimus mini is an auxiliary keyboard with three keys, each complete with an OLED screen displaying the current function."
They call it a keyboard, but I think that is quite the understatement. It is really like an external display surface that you can press. Drivers for Win32, MacOS and Linux are available. The software allows you to configure each of the three mini-screens to display the results of a "plug-in". Plug-ins display whatever they want, and there are already plug-ins that grab data from commonly used applications like iTunes to display summary info on the tiny screens.
Imagine your continuous integration system, server farm health, or stats on your plans for world domination displayed on three tiny screens. If the indicator shows something interesting, the display is actually a button that can launch your desired application. How cool is that!

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